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Product Highlights
  • Relax in the water in order to focus on stroke and improve technique
  • Allows for clear and easy breathing
  • Can be worn in conjunction with swim cap or goggles
  • Worn with swim goggles, promotes proper head and body position
Aditional Images
  • Phantom Aquatics Air Ease Swim Snorkel, Blue
  • Phantom Aquatics Air Ease Swim Snorkel, Red
  • Phantom Aquatics Air Ease Swim Snorkel, Yellow

1.  The center-mount design of the Air Ease Snorkel allows you to use it with any swimming goggles or cap.

2.  Put the tube through the head bracket.

3.  Adjust the head bracket so that it’s comfortable on your forehead, and put the mouthpiece in your mouth.

Some swimmers may need to use a nose clip (included with Junior and Youth models).
The purge valve on the bottom of the mouthpiece unit is composed of two pieces: a hard plastic valve retainer and a silicone gasket. The valve allows water to flow out of the tube.
To prevent the valve from leaking, you may occasionally need to remove debris that builds up between the plastic valve retainer and the silicone gasket. Remove the valve and clean it with soap and hot water until it is free of debris. If the valve is lost or damaged, you can purchase a replacement valve.

Store your Air Ease Snorkel in a dry place, and rinse it thoroughly after using it in salt water.

Don’t share your Air Ease Snorkel with other swimmers. Doing so can spread contagious illnesses. In the event that you do need to share your snorkel, clean the mouthpiece with soap and hot water before giving it to another swimmer.

If the snorkel tube is distorted by heat or pressure, lay it flat in sunlight or warm water until it returns to its original shape.

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