Apeks XTX 100 Regulator

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Product Highlights
  • Fully balanced system
  • Balanaced diaphragm
  • Environmentally sealed first stage
  • Anti-bacterial mouthpiece
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  • Apeks XTX 100 Regulator
  • Apeks XTX 100 Regulator Yoke
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The Apeks XTX 100 is a fully balanced system designed for use in even extreme cold conditions thanks to its cold water features.
The Apeks FST first stage is a balanaced diaphragm design to offer high performance and air rate that is consistent regardless of depth and also as the cylinder pressure becomes low. The first stage is protected against cold water by an environmental seal that prevents water interacting with the internal parts. Instead ambient pressure is transferred to the balancing assembly by a pin within a dry chamber. The environmental seal also acts as a barrier againct contamination that can damage soft materials like o-rings and the diaphragm.
Four low pressure and two high pressure fixed angle and orientation ports are incorporated into the main body of the first stage with the FST being finished in a stain coating for protection.
The XTX 100 second stage continues the coldwater approach by incorporating an inlet heat exchanger and full metal valve barrel to efficiently the cold that is generated as the gas supplied decompresses into the surrounding water. A venturi lever gives the diver control over air flow within the second stage, providing either maximum air flow to the mouthpiece or improved protection from free flows. Further adjustment can to be made to the performance using the inhalation adjuster, allowing the diver to increase the breathing effort required to open the valve. The XTX also features an interchangeable exhaust cover, allowing the diver the quickly switch between a wide cover that deflects exhaled gas around the head or a compact streamlined cover (both are supplied).
The FST first stage and XTX 100 second stage are joined by a black braided low pressure hose. Braided hoses are lighter, more flexible, have improved UV protection and significantly higher burst pressure than traditiona rubber hoses.
  • Balanced diaphragm first stage
  • Environmentally sealed first stage
  • Four fixed angle low pressure ports
  • Two fixed angle high pressure ports
  • Braided low pressure hose
  • Inlet heat exchanger on second stage
  • Venturi control lever
  • Inhalation adjuster
  • Anti-bacterial mouthpiece
  • Interchangeable exhaust covers
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