Aqua Lung SlingShot Fin

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Product Highlights
  • A semi-rigid, technopolymer blade
  • Three-Speed Gear Shift
  • Mid-foot Flex Joint
  • Anti-slip rubber pads
  • Ergonomic Strap and Buckle System
Aditional Images
  • Aqua Lung SlingShot Fin,Black Silver
  • Aqua Lung SlingShot Fin,Blue Silver
  • Aqua Lung SlingShot Fin,Blue Silver
  • Aqua Lung SlingShot Fin,Black Silver

The Slingshot Fins will help you move through the water with Speed and Ease. These Fins brag of having Power Bands. Pure Silicone Power Bands are Loaded-with-Energy on the Power Stroke. They Release their Energy Prior-to-the-Upstroke to provide an Added Boost of Power. Power Bands Lessen Fatigue and Add Thrust. 
The Mid-Foot Joint Increases the Slingshot's Flexibility, which will make each Kick more Efficient and Comfortable, partially due to the fact it move the source of your Kicks from the Front of your Foot to the Entire Leg. This takes the Strain off of the Toes and the Top of the Ankle. You can now use the Entire Foot to Power the Fin. This provides the Blade a Significantly Larger Range of Motion, often up to 5 times that of a conventional fin. 
The Gear Shift allows you choose one of three Settings to Control your Energy and Effort Levels in Response to your Diving Conditions.  Easy to Shift During-the-Dive, the three Settings can be made even with Gloves. Because these Fins contain Harnessed Energy and an Ingenious Design, you'll experience Less Fatigue and Joint Pain. The Slingshot Fins come equipped with Adjustable Fin Straps with  Squeeze-Style" Quick-Release Buckles and the Straps have a Large Pull-Tab for Ease of Donning and Doffing. 

  • Move through Water with Speed and Ease
  • Power Bands: Pure Silicone Coiled Energy to Spring-into-Action
  • Power Bands: Loaded-with-Energy on Power Stroke
  • Release Energy Prior-to-the-Upstroke for Added Boost of Power
  • Power Bands Lessen Fatigue and Add Thrust
  • Mid-Foot Joint Increases the Slingshot's Flexibility
  • Each Kick More Efficient and Comfortable
  • Kick is Moved from Front of Foot to the Entire Leg
  • Reduces Strain of Toes and Top of Ankle
  • Improvement in Comfort
  • Provides the Blade Significantly Larger Range of Motion
  • 3-Settings to Control Energy and Effort Levels
  • Gear Shifts Responds to Diving Conditions
  • Easy to Shift During-the-Dive
  • Fins Contain Harnessed Energy 
  • Less Fatigue and Joint Pain
  • Adjustable Fin Straps with Squeeze-Style" Quick-Release Buckles
  • Straps with Large Pull-Tab for Ease of Donning and Doffing
  • Open Heel Non-Vented Fins
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