Aqualung Express ADJ Fin

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Product Highlights
  • High Performance Open Heel Fin
  • Based Upon the Slingshot Technology
  • Comfort and Performance
  • Incredibly Flexible Material
Aditional Images
  • Aqua Lung Express Fin
  • Aqua Lung Express ADJ Fin

The Express ADJ fin represents the latest in technology and material innovation. Comfort, power and efficiency are the hallmarks of this propulsion machine. Strap a pair on and see for yourself. The Express fin works on the same principle as the popular Slingshot and Hotshot fins. The function of the Slingshot power bands has been converted into the Express rmadillo. This patented, elongated membrane is made from ultra-elastic rubber. Like power bands, it accumulates elastic energy during the down stroke and returns it at the end of each kick cycle. The Armadillo also bridges the gap between the front of the foot pocket and the back of the blade, which eliminates any water transfer through the fin.


  • Excellent blade snap with Quick release buckles
  • Maintaining optimal thrust throughout every phase of the fining stroke minimizes fatigue
  • Flexible center channel accelerates water over the blade for improved efficiency
  • Reduces the stress on a diver's leg while accelerating the water over the blade
  • Great flexibility, long-lasting, light-weight and wear-resistant
  • Innovative "Mid-Foot Flex Point" Reduce Joint Strain and Leg Fatigue
  • Say Goodbye to Sore Legs, Excessive Fatigue and Inefficient Kicking
  • Blade is Not Directly Attached to Front of Foot Pocket
  • Fulcrum Point: Patented Mid-Foot Location, Known as the Mid-Foot Flex Joint"
  • Takes Strain-Off Toes and Ankle, Allows Entire Foot Use
  • Results in Incredible Comfort
  • Bridge- the-Gap: Armadillo" Membrane Between Blade & Foot Pocket
  • Patented, Elongating Membrane Made from Super-Elastic Rubber
  • Membrane: Accumulates Elastic Energy and Gives-It-Back at End-of-Kick
  • Complete Connection of Foot Pocket and Blade, Eliminating Hydrodynamic Gap
  • Foot Pocket, Various Thicknesses of Materials
  • Thickness Zones Provide Better Transmission of Power from Leg to Fin
  • Each Kick More Efficient Use of Energy
  • Integrated Power Transmission Belt Keep Foot Pocket from Stretching on Power Stroke
  • Large Rubber Side Ribs Channel Water Flow Down-the-Blade
  • Ribs: Reduce Water Spill" Over-the-Edges of Blade
  • Blade Material: Durable and Flexible Techno-Polymer, Improve-Use-of-Energy and Decrease Fatigue
  • Side Ribs and Rubber Inserts Material: Elastomeric Compounds
  • Foot Pocket Material: Rubber of Different Elasticity's
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