Aqua Lung Legend Glacia Scuba Regulator Yoke, (Closeout)

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Product Highlights
  • 3 heat exchangers provide excellent freezing resistance
  • Unique diaphragm design gives superior performance at depth
  • Balanced first and second stage results in smooth, easy breathing
  • Nitrox Compatible to 40%

A regulator specifically designed for cold-water diving. The first stage, the hose and the second stage are fitted with heat exchangers (patented system) to aid cold extraction. Traditional second stage elastomer front covers harden in very cold water. The Legend Glacia is fitted with an aluminum cover machined from solid metal. The metal cover, apart from assisting the heat exchangers, accommodates a purge button with flow control. Auto-Closure Device (ACD) (pat. pend.) seals the regulator's inlet fitting, both yoke and DIN, as soon as regulator is removed from the cylinder valve. Comes with a lip shield to keep lips warm.


  • The Legend Glacia is fitted with three heat exchangers:
  • The first completely surrounds the first stage environmental dry chamber
  • The second is fitted to the medium pressure hose itself
  • The third is in the traditional position adjacent to the second stage casing


  • Over-balanced first stage gives superior performance at depths
  • Its dry chamber resists freezing and keeps internal components clean and dry
  • quaLung "Air Turbo System"on the Medium Pressure outlets for rapid response to the diver`s needs

ACD - AUTO CLOSURE DEVICE: This system automatically protects your first stage from the environment as soon as it has been disconnected from the cylinder valve. If it is stored without its dust cap the inside of the first stage is protected against corrosion and foreign bodies. However, use of the dust cap is recommended to prevent damage due to impacts. ACD affords the greatest protection against water entry. ACD affords the greatest protection against contamination


  • Balanced second stage gives smooth response under all conditions regardless of cylinder pressure
  • Sensitivity adjusting knob for complete control over breathing effort. Allows adjustement when in a current, at depth or for swimming at the surface
  • Large ventury control is simple to use, reduces the possibility of surface free flows and gives increase injection at depth.
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