Aquatec Alternate regulator, Inflator, with Sub Alert unit (Air-3)

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Product Highlights
  • Eliminates a Hose
  • Streamlines Your Profile Underwater
  • Increase Safety of Diving
  • Easier to Use then Octopus

Streamlining underwater for the diver is always desirable. Movement through the water is easier. Management of equipment is also simplified. As California divers, however, streamlining is not just something to do to make diving easier, it is a necessity. Every extra gauge, hose, console, inflator, or regulator, hanging from our bodies underwater is a potential snag point in the thick kelp. This is at a minimum quite annoying in some cases dangerous.

Devices that combined a safe-second regulator (octopus) and the power inflator to the BCD have been around for some time being widely accepted as a way to eliminate at least one hose and device from the regulator assembly.



  • High performance power inflator with integrated regulator and built-in underwater horn.
  • All the functions you will ever ask from a BCD inflator all in one compact device.
  • Every Air-3 unit's regulator is measured and factory tuned to the prefect breathing resistance.
  • Underwater Horn works not ONLY underwater, but on the SURFACE as well.
  • High quality "comfort-bite" mouthpiece for the ultimate in comfort and fit.
  • Requires just a tiny bit of air to activate the underwater horn.
  • Horn is very loud above water. Keep away from ears at all times.
  • Ridge on outside of the air outlet to create a secure seal with the BCD's corrugated hose.
  • Great ergonomic design allows easy access to all four functions: inflate, deflate, horn, and regulator purge.
  • High strength reinforced plastic polymer housing provides durability without the extra weight.
  • Steel Pin in air outlet to connect to BCD's, Pull Dump feature.



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