Aquatec Scub Alert Under Water Signaling Device, Fits All Standard Power Inflater (SA-1)

This product has been discontinued

  • SKU # AQTSA1

Product Highlights
  • Use above or below surface
  • Cleans easily by rinsing in fresh water
  • Compact size
  • Fits all standard Inflators

The Aquatec-Scub Alert signaling device is an underwater horn that is very useful to any dive buddy
team in an emergency situation or just to get one another’s attention for something interesting. Only a
small amount of air is needed to activate the device. This horn generates a loud "quacking" sound by
using tiny pulses of air to rapidly vibrating a steel disk. It also works on the surface and can be heard up
to ½ a mile away.

  •     Use above or below surface
  •     Cleans easily by rinsing in fresh water
  •     Compact size
  •     Fits all standard Inflators



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