Aquatec T-Rex Titanium Knife

This product has been discontinued


The T-Rex dive knife is the next generation low-profile silhouetted type dive knife.

The dive knife is a single blade design with a very ergonomic handle directly molded into the blade. This knife feels so natural in your hand that it will feel like a natural extension of your body.

The silhouetted one-piece dive/activity knife is getting more and more popular. The advantages of this type of one-piece knife blade is its thin profile and less weight to make it more portable, but the drawback is that it is difficult and awkward to hold. The T-Rex Dive/Activity Knife has solved this problem by having an ergonomically shaped handle with a thin plastic insert to give the handle a very comfortable feel.

• Incredibly ergonomic grip make the knife so easy to use
• Finger guard and thumb ridge protects your fingers from accidents

• One Piece steel blade eliminates the risk of breaking from the handle

• Built-in line cutter designed to allow you to cut entangling lines only by feel

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