Atomic T2X Titanium Regulator, Din

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Product Highlights
  • Nitrox compatible to 40%
  • High performance regulator
  • Environmentally sealed first stage
  • 360 degree 1st stage swivel
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  • Atomic T2X Titanium Regulator, Din
  • Atomic T2X Titanium Regulator, Din
  • Atomic T2X Titanium Regulator, Din
  • Atomic T2X Titanium Regulator, Din

The Atomic T2X is the flagship of the Atomic Regulator range and features an ultra high performance balanced piston first stage with environmental seal and a balanced second stage.
The first stage is precisely machined from a single bar of titanium. By using titanium, Atomic are able to produce an incredibly lightweight metal regulator with very high corrosion resistance that far surpassed the durability of traditional chrome plated brass first stages, or even stainless steel. The environmental seal further improves the already high performance of the first stage by prventing external elements such as cold water from interecting with the internal spring and piston, helping to prevent free flows and contamination.
The Atomic T2X second stage also utilises titanium in the valve body and demand valve lever. This not only reduces the overall weight of the second stage but also allows the mechanisms to response quicker. The second stage features a comfort swivel built into the hose for a more comfort fit into the mouth which can really help with jaw fatigue and also a inhalation resistance adjust on the side. Atomic use a number of different techniques in their second stages when compared to other brands including:


  • An ellipitical exhaust valve rather than a standard circular vavle. This can dramatically reduce the exhauation effort at depth.
  • An Automatic Flow Control (AFC) vane rather than manual control of the venturi. A depth sensitive diaphragm changes the angle of the venturi vane to optimise the performance without the need an diver intervention.
  • A seat saving oriface is fitted to prolong the life of the second stage valve seat. This seemingly unimportant device helps to prolong the life of the seat by pushing the valve apart when the regulator is not in use. Without it (as in a standard regulator) the seat would slowly develop a groove which can cause gas to trickle passed the seat.



  • Compact size
  • Large balanced flow-through piston designed for stable intermediate pressures and high performance at low tank pressures
  • Exclusive high pressure piston seal system is self lubricating for low friction and low maintenance
  • Enriched air compatable materials to 40% oxygen
  • Single piece computer machined body maintains perfect allignment of the piston and seat to eliminate creeping intermediate pressure problems.
  • Two high pressure ports and 5 port low pressure swivel
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