Beuchat VR200 Regulator

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Product Highlights
  • Over-balanced diaphragm first stage
  • Airflow performance
  • Compact and light second stage
  • Large exhaust valve

Beuchat antifreeze system on the first stage and heat transfer system on the second stage

? Over-balancing
? Reduced weight and bulk for both the first and second stages.
? Bubble deflection system.

First stage
? Over-balanced diaphragm first stage to ensure safety if ever solicited by diver assistance + D.S. inflation + dry suit inflation + delayed surface marker buoy inflation, ? (at 70 bar the MP increases by about 10 bar which increases air flow to the second stage despite the HP decrease)
? Airflow performance
? Optimisation of weight and bulk
? First stage equipped with the antifreeze system (Beuchat patent)
? 4 Medium pressure ports
? 2 High pressure ports
? Axial ergonomy of the HP and MP ports
? Simple to upkeep and maintenance
? 230 bar A-Clamp and 230/300 bar DIN connectors

Second stage
? New compact and light second stage
? Air flow performance, comfort, and easy breathing
? Optimised new design for the bubble deflection system which directs bubbles away from the field of vision
? Balancing to optimise performance in all conditions
? New expansion chamber design improving the stability of the Venturi system
? New antiallergenic silicone mouthpiece allows for a better position in the mouth
? Venturi system adjustable by lateral valve
? Adjust sensitivity with an adjustment knob
? Simple to upkeep and maintenance
? Large exhaust valve limiting expiatory vibrations

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