BigBlue 10W HID Light

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Advanced design for unprecedented affordability - our Bigblue BB-10 10W HID is the most affordable and technologically advanced hand-held torch type HID available in the market. We incorporate the latest HID technology - the most efficient way of portable illumination, in addition to our brilliant design features to create the most ideal primary light for underwater illumination, night diving and even video lighting.

  1. Super Stabilizing Circuitry
  2. 10W HID Linear Circuit
  3. Hi-Lo Power Output
  4. Rotary Magnetic Switch
  5. LED Back-up Light
  6. Sun White Light Output
  7. C-cell Adaptor & AA-cell Adaptor
  8. Colorful Design

Technical Specifications

  •  Power 25(Equivalent), 10(actual) watts

  • Bulb HID metal halide arc lamp

  • Bulb Life 500 hours

  • Color Temperature 7,500 degrees Kelvin

  • Battery 8 X Alkaline C-cell, 8 X Alkaline AA-cell, 8 X Ni-MH AA-cell, 8 X Ni-MH C-cell

  • Restart Time 5 seconds

  •  Safety Designs. Thermostat shutdown for overheating, fuse protection, isolated electronics, spare fuse included

  • Maximum Depth 100 metres tested

  • Video Filters 30-40 degree wide angle lighting (include)

  • Case Construction Durable, non-corroding polycarbonate plastic

Warranty Information
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