Oceanic Veo 100 NX Wrist Computer

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Product Highlights
  • Full Function Air/Nitrox Dive Computer
  • Nitrox programmable (21-50%)
  • User changeable battery
  • Safety stop timer
  • 12 Dive log

The Oceanic Veo 100 Air Nitrox Dive Computer is an economical and easy to use computer with state of the art features Pressing just one button easily accesses all of its functions Here it comes in a console with a Pressure Gauge The gauge tracks tank pressures up to 5,000 psi and has a thermometer at the base of its luminescent face The Swiv Console allows custom positioning of your instruments with an allen key 

The Veo offers large, easy to read alphanumeric displays and color coded graphs where green means "go", yellow means "caution" and red means "stop " The computer can be turned on before your dive, but if you forget to do this, it turns itself on underwater The batteries have a lifetime of 300 hours and are user replaceable at any time without the loss of data 

User settable:

  • Time of day in either 12 or 24 hour format
  • Metric or Imperial measurements
  • Dive mode display (three choices)
  • Displays:
  • Current depth
  • Max depth
  • No decompression time remaining
  • Nitrogen loading
  • Variable ascent rate 
  • Low battery
  • Time of day
  • Flashing safety stop icon and 3 minute timer
  • Time to fly
  • Nitrogen offgasing countdown
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