IST GP-3100 Computer Console

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Product Highlights
  • Algorithm based on an improved Swiss Model
  • Oxygen exposure tracking display
  • Nitrogen saturation level display
  • Date and time function

DATA + is a smart, lightweight wrist-top computer that provides all the essential information a diver will need. Upon self-activation underwater, this sophisticated unit begins collecting data such as depth, temperature and dive time at a regular interval and by taking air / Nitrox level input by the diver into calculation, the advanced software automatically gives precise nitrogen saturation level in the body. Along with other diving and safety specific data (ascent rate, partial oxygen level, safety stop timer), all are displayed on a large, easy to read screen.
Despite the complex design, IST¡¯s new GP-3000 dive computer is incredibly user friendly: its simple, 3-button interface lets the diver easily input information and change between 7 different functions, even with thick gloves; common CR2032 button battery is used and is user replaceable; dive log stored in the computer (up to 60 dives) can be simply retrieved into a personal computer through a specially made PC interface and a software (available separately).

  • Thickness: 28mm (1.1¡±)
  • Diameter: 62mm (2.4¡±)
  • Total length (incl. straps): 328mm (12.9¡±)
  • Wight: 115g (4oz.)
  • Battery: CR2032 lithium button battery
  • Maximum depth: 99m (328ft)
  • PC Connectable: Yes (interface sold separately)


  1. Algorithm based on an improved Swiss Model
  2. 2 programmable Nitrox mixtures (mix. 1 ¨C 21 ~ 50%, mix. 2 ¨C 21 ~ 99%)
  3. Oxygen exposure tracking display
  4. Nitrogen saturation level display
  5. Dive timer / no-deco timer / surface interval (or desaturation) timer
  6. Thermometer (from -5¡æ ~ 40¡æ / 23¨H ~ 104¨H)
  7. Current and maximum depth display
  8. Audio & visual alarm (fast ascent rate, deco stop violation, partial pressure etc.)
  9. Ascent rate indicator
  10. Log book (maximum 60 dives or 30 hours)
  11. Self altitude adjustment (maximum 6000m / 19680ft)
  12. No flight indicator
  13. Date and time function
  14. Back light 
  15. Large buttons
  16. Automatic activation
  17. Battery life: average 3 years (based on 50 x 1 hour dive per year)
  18. PC uploadable with PC interface (available separately)
  19. Interchangeable imperial and metric unit display
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