McNett Max Wax Zipper Lubricant 3/4 oz.

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Product Highlights
  • Works in all temperatures and conditions
  • Non-toxic, non-staining
  • Paraffin and beeswax free
  • Prevents jamming
  • Solid form, chapstick like applicator

Max Wax by McNett is the ultimate zipper lubricant. With a chapstick like lubricator, simply run the
lubricant on the zipper teeth, slide the zipper up and down to distribute evenly. Max Wax can be used
on wetsuits, dry suits, wet suit boots, dry bags, boat covers, tents, sleeping bags or any other zipper
exposed to wetness. This silicone based lubricant prolongs the life of any zipper and prevents jamming.

  •     Works in all temperatures and conditions
  •     Non-toxic, non-staining
  •     Paraffin and beeswax free
  •     Prevents jamming
  •     Solid form, chapstick like applicator
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