Promate Explorer Pro 2nd Stage with Tornado Diaphragm 1st Stage Regulator

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Product Highlights
  • pneumatically balanced diaphragm 1st stage
  • 4 High Pressure Ports
  • 2 Low Pressure Ports

Tornado Series Features:
You asked, we delivered. Based on the demands from divers, we are proud to introduce this new pneumatically balanced diaphragm 1st stage for advanced divers and pro divers; those who rely on consistent and smooth airflows for greater performance. The four intermediate pressure output ports are mounted on a swivel base that helps divers adjust the hoses to the most comfortable position. The two high-pressure output ports positioned on each side of its main body can be connected to pressure gauge, dive computers or the hose-less transmitter.

Recommended 2nd Stage: OC350, OC300, OC450, OC400

Advantages: reliable; perfect regulator for extreme conditions

Users: tech divers, pro divers, frequent divers

Body and Component: chrome plated brass with stain finished
Yoke / Yoke Knob: heavy-duty brass (4000 PSI) / nylon fiber
Spring / H.P. Seat: #302 stainless steel / special Teflon
Main / Octopus Hose Length: 27
Weight: 31 oz.

Type: pneumatically balanced diaphragm 1st stage
Ventilation Rate (Air Supply / 3000 PSI): 135 SCFM
Intermediate Pressure (Air Supply / 3333 PSI): 125-160 PSI
Intermediate Pressure (Air Supply / 500 PSI): 125-160 PSI
High / Low Pressure Ports: 2 * 7/16" High Pressure and 4 * 3/8" Low Pressure

Explorer Series Features:

  • External air intake resistance adjustment system.
  • Internal air deflector for smooth and easy breathing.
  • Lightweight and compact, weights merely 7 oz without the hose.
  • Prevents jaw fatigue during long dives.
  • Large diameter exhaust valve allows for proper removal of exhaled air.

Recommended 1st stage: DF300, DF300E, RG100, RG050

Housing: PC + ABS
Valve: electro less nickel plated brass
Lever Arm: #304 stainless steel
Weight: 6.95 oz

Type: downstream valve with twin air intake control
Maximum Intermediate Pressure: 155 PSI
Inhalation Effort: 0.0-2.0 CIW (column inches of water)
Exhalation Effort: 1.1 CIW
Flow Rate: 30+ SCFM (air supply: 3000 PSI)


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