Seasoft Hunter Kevlar Glove

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SEASOFT SCUBA announces another new, innovative product - the SEASOFT HUNTER Glove. This new glove has been designed specifically for hunting and spearfishing. The entire front of the glove is KEVLAR™ for its super tough protection but best of all it has a super thin DINA-HIDE trigger finger. This glove is designed to fit snug and tight yet deliver all the dexterity and toughness you need in a glove. Any parts not covered with KEVLAR™ are covered in DINA- HIDE including the entire back of the SEASOFT HUNTER glove!

It has taken almost 2 years of trial and error and many prototypes but with the help of noted Florida Spearfishing Instructor Rick Holmlund, the HUNTER Glove is truly an innovation in gloves for spearfishing that delivers not only protection for your hands but the dexterity and control you would achieve without gloves. SEASOFT HUNTER Gloves are available in 2 thicknesses, 1 mm and a 2/3 mm hybrid for colder water.

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