Seasoft Sealion BC

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Product Highlights
  • Seasoft Sealion
  • Heavy-Duty 1000 Denier
  • Adjustable depth compensating cummerbund
  • Twin tank bands for single tanks included
  • Can fit a diver from 4.4 to 7 feet tall and up to 475 lbs

The Seasoft Sea Lion BCD is the BC you have been waiting for. comfortable and designed with Seasoft's proprietary adjustability. The Sea Lion can be adjusted to fit you perfectly everything is adjustable! The height is adjustable, the Cummerbund is adjustable and then there is the patent pending side adjustment. A special bladder is radio frequency welded to the inner bladder on each side. This bladder is attached to webbing that exits through a slot on each side of the BC near the back. By adjusting this webbing, the two front sides can be made longer or shorter. It is almost miraculous; you can't really tell that it has changed until you try it on. Then, wow, the perfect fit!

The Sea Lion has lots of lift, two tank bands, a valve strap, the best weight ditching method available anywhere and will hold up to 15 lbs. in each pocket and there are optional trim pockets that attach to the top tank band that hold up to 5 lbs. each. There are also grommet holes on the trim pockets, this allows you to easily attach some of the more popular knives made by several companies to your BC. There are also several grommet holes behind the pockets to attach retractors.

  • Integrated Weight System - 40 lb capacity (30 lbs Diver releasable - 10 lbs non-diver releasable trim weights for improved weight distribution and balance

  •  Sternum strap

  •  Heavy-Duty 1000 Denier

  •  Quick Release/Adjustable Shoulder Straps

  •  Adjustable depth compensating cummerbund

  •  Can fit a diver from 4.4 to 7 feet tall and up to 450 lbs

  • Twin tank bands for single tanks included

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