SPORASUB Dagger Cryot Knife

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Product Highlights
  • Cryogenic Treated High Molybdenum Stainless Steel
  • Sharpest deadliest spearfishing knife on the market
  • Includes shaft extractor hole, serrated edge, cuts through 1/16" steel cable like butter
  • Made in Italy
Aditional Images
  • SPORASUB Dagger Cryot Knife
  • SPORASUB Dagger Cryot Knife with cover

A one of a kind original design with a smooth edge on one side and serrated on the other. The stainless steel at the base of the blade ends at the bottom of the handle to increase strength and make the knife solid. The stainless steel used is a high carbon content type of molybdenum chromium steel which is a very hard metallic element used to strengthen steel alloys. This steel allows for a very fine high degree of sharpening. The steel is treated cryogenically meaning hardened at extremely low temperatures to increase its hardness and resistance to wear, scuffs, and corrosion. The blade features a slit to lock the tails of spear shafts should they get stuck between rocks. Another hole in the handle features a loader for pneumatic spear guns. The sheath has been designed to be easy to use with a swift locking system for the knife. It also has a safety latch using a ring to avoid accidentally loosing the knife. The knife can be attached on the diver's belt or with the straps to the calf.

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