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  • Aqua Lung Zuma BC
  • Suunto Zoop Computer Console
  • Apeks Flight Regulator
  • Apeks Agress Octopus
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Aqua Lung Zuma BC, The Aqua Lung Zuma bcd is a travel friendly, lightweight back-lift BCD. The ML/LG size weighs less than 2kg and can be rolled or folded in to a very small pack size which can easily be stowed in even the most weight restricted suitcases. The Zuma BCD uses a minimalist harness with padding over the shoulders that is fitted with SureLock II integrated weight pockets for convenience whilst travelling. A drop down utlity pocket over one of the integrated pockets to provide storage for accessories such as a torch, delayed surface marker buoy, etc. Weight is kept in check by using plastic d-rings in place of metal and a tough but lightweight material for the harness and rear buoyancy bladder. The Aqua Lung Zuma has a fully flexible back-plate to allow for easy packing but to improve comfort whilst is use Aqua Lung have moved the main cylinder strap to the bottom to transfer weight to hips rather than on to the back and spine. The top restraining strap prevents the cylinder from coming out of line and altering the load transfer.
  • Lightweight and great for travel
  • Weight integration with SureLock II mechanism
  • Tank support system eliminates the need for a hard pack to relieve weight on shoulders
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Flat e valves for less weight
  • Easy to access pockets
  • 4 D rings and attachment grommets for knife
  • Lower right pull dump
  • Right shoulder pull dump
  • Padded and sculpted shoulders
  • Padded spine and lumbar support
Suunto Zoop Computer Console, It can be used with both air and nitrox and is designed to give the specifics of any diving situation, including decompression, at a glance. Unlike its predecessor, the Gekko, it can be downloaded to a PC.
  • Simplified menu system for ease of use
  • View, compare, and analyze your diving performance through a specially designed PC interface
  • 2 operating modes (Air and Nitrox)
  • User-replaceable battery
  • Audible alarms
  • Nitrox 21% to 50%
  • Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM)
  • Complete decompression stop data
  • Temperature display
  • 50 hour Profile & Logbook Memory
  • Super bright display for night or low light conditions
  • Automatic activation
Apeks Flight Regulator, The Flight Regulator from Apeks is the lightest regulator in the world! This revolutionary regulator has been made using advanced composite materials selected for their optimum strength to weight ratio and is extremely easy to use. The Flight is a mid-range regulator ideal for transportation and travel, and despite its compact size its breathe performance is exceptional. It can be used in waters down to 10 degrees. The Flight has been tested through over one million breathing cycles which proves its robustness and reliability. It has undergone thorough impact and fatigue testing and has a key safety feature; a unique first stage yoke clamp hand-wheel which prevents accidental snagging during a dive.
  • Comes with a free matching lightweight sports bag perfect to transport your regulator
  • The Flight has passed the European Standards test and achieved the CE mark for diving in water above 10 degrees c.
  • Impact protection
  • Anti-snag yoke hand-wheel in A Clamp
  • Integrated Venturi System
  • Pneumatically balanced first and second stage for superior performance
  • Large tough purge
  • Excellent bubble diversion
  • Neutrally buoyant
  • Lightweight hose
Apeks Agress Octopus, The Apeks Egress is a compact lightweight fully balanced octopus. Its design allows it to be used either way up thanks to the valve mechanism which means it can also be used over the left or right shoulder for great flexibility. The low profile design ensures drag is kept to a minimum but also reduces the chance of snagging the octopus as it sits tightly against the body. A large purge button allows for quick and easy purging to clear the octopus and a high visibility hose and exhaust grill aid locating in an emergency.
  • High visibility 100cm hose
  • left and right, up and down use
  • Balanced
  • Cold water rated (as long as first stage is cold water rated)
  • Low profile design
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