SwimFin Learn To Swim Fin with ASA Approved Buoyancy Aid

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Product Highlights
  • Flotation device that provides as much buoyancy as the swimmer needs
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for learning how to swim
Aditional Images
  • SwimFin Learn To Swim Fin with ASA Approved Buoyancy Aid
  • SwimFin Learn To Swim Fin with ASA Approved Buoyancy Aid
  • SwimFin Learn To Swim Fin with ASA Approved Buoyancy Aid
  • SwimFin Learn To Swim Fin with ASA Approved Buoyancy Aid

 How does it work? With the beginner, the body is lower in the water causing SwimFin to bemore submerged (imagine pushing a beach ball under the water) Thisgives the swimmer more uplift and support without the arms beingrestricted (as can be the case using armbands). For the really confidentbeginners SwimFin could replace the armbands forever!

Asconfidence grows, there is a more improved body position [and this isthe clever bit] SwimFin appears more out of the water and now gives alittle less support. Generally at this stage of the swimmers progressionthe armbands or other devices would be reduced. SwimFin does itautomatically, working with the swimmers natural ability but also givingimmediate support if required. The swimmer learns to trust theirSwimFin.

In a horizontal position, SwimFin is virtually out of thewater giving very little or no support. However the learner grows inconfidence knowing that support is there if needed. Even better swimmerscan wear it all the time. Remember, if it is out of the water it is nolonger a buoyancy aid and because it is streamlined, will not impedemovement through the water. NOTE: SwimFin is a one size fit's all and includes the straps

Product Features:

  • With SwimFin, the lower you are in the water the more support it provides, as would be the case with a beginner. The higher you are in the water the less support it gives you as would be the case with an improving swimmer. SwimFin compensates for different abilities. SwimFin makes learning to swim fun, but even after it has done its job as a learning aid, it will always find use as a water toy, strengthening ability and building confidence.
  • SwimFin is the first truly new development in swimming aids for decades. Worn on the back, it does not hamper or restrict the ability to move in the water. Unlike armbands, discs, life vests and noodles, SwimFin is streamlined and does not need to be inflated and deflated to add or reduce support.
  • It's a fact that the human body is naturally buoyant: we don't sink to the bottom of the pool and crawl along the floor like a crab. By using too much buoyancy assistance other floatation aids lift the body unnaturally in the water and if positioned wrongly on the body, can tip it forward. When this happens, the body acts on a see-saw principle which then forces the swimmers face into the water as the hips and legs come up (which in most cases causes panic). Because SwimFin is predominantly vertical and out of the water, it works in harmony with the users natural buoyancy level. By promoting the shark / dolphin image children are more inclined to voluntarily put their faces into the water, enhancing body position and making movement through the water easier.
  • SwimFin is a flotation device that provides as much buoyancy as the swimmer needs while helping maintain a good body position in the water. Other instruction aids tend to tip the swimmer forward or hold them upright, resulting in a swimming position that impedes movement through the water and actually makes swimming more difficult. SwimFin on the other hand gives only the support needed, giving the user the FEEL of independence and thus encouragement and motivation. If your child feels in control, confidence will definitely grow and they will learn quicker.
  • SwimFin has recently been endorsed by the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) in the UK and is the only swimming aid to win their approval. In a Press Release on 29th October 2008 they state that [The ASA has given its endorsement to SwimFin - a new floatation device - and will now be encouraging the use the innovative creation. The ASAs swimming experts have examined and tested SwimFin and classed it as an outstanding product worthy of accreditation.] SwimFin also complies with life-jacket standards and international safety (ISO) regulations EN13138 and EN71.

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